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Full Stack Developer (closed)

Job Description

Startup Catapult is looking for a Full Stack developer as an internal team member, who knows his/her way around GUI, and REST applications with dynamic Front- and Back-end. This is a great opportunity for the applicant to work with Machine Learning & AI and develop skills in these technologies. If you are entrepreneurial, business minded and interested in building something never seen before in the startup scene, send us an open application right away!

What we offer you:

-Great team to work with (come and see for yourself if you don't believe)

-Non-location based work (work wherever there's an internet connection)

-Flexible hours (work when it works best for you)

-Competitive salary

-Opportunity to learn about Machine Learning & AI (existing knowledge is not required)

What we need from you:

- A Mindset and enthusiasm for building something new

-Knowledge of Angular (if your expertise is in other languages, challenge us!)

We hope the applicants also have understanding about :

- Angular


- Python, Django

- SQL, noSQL databases

- git, github

- html5, css3, javascript ES6

- sass or similar preprocessor

- gulp

- npm / bower

- TDD testing tools like mocha/jasmine/karma or similar

- Docker

- mobile experience

- AWS/Azure/GCS

English language skills


About Startup Catapult

Startup Catapult strives to be the smartest Catapulting platform in Europe. We want Europe to be the best ecosystem for growing businesses - one where cross-border collaboration is an asset. We believe that these goals are achieved by co-operation between startups and larger corporations. Corporations need to utilize the agile and innovative startups in order to keep up with the markets. Startups on the other hand need great reference clients and funding. This is what our platform enables.

Our platform offers a solution for corporations to find, not search, startups that perfectly match their business development needs. Startup Catapult’s smart platform scans a database of over 100K top notch European startups and finds the ones that are right for your needs. In our operations we practice our core values: quality, transparency and agility.