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Front-end intern (closed)

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Hi, we're Insurello - a young Swedish startup!

Our mission is to simplify the insuramce claims process and revolutionize the customer experience around it. Our service launched 3 months ago and has already been voted as top 3 most innovative tech ideas in Stockholm.

We're a young company within a brand new field and need to speed up our pace of traction. For this we need a front-end developer who can workshop ideas, improvements and realize it in code.

Our stack consists of AWS, VueJS, a NodeJS stack written in TypeScript and a RethinkSQL database. Although we are open to you working with whatever tools or language that you see fit.

We have many years of experience when it comes to tutoring young digital professionals and are very keen on a mutual benefit workplace, where you learn as much as possible about everything in the industry - while keeping a focus on the specific areas that you're passionate about.

Our offices are located in central Stockholm, Saltmätargatan 19A. We're part of a bigger startup accelerator so you'll be hanging out with lots of digital natives, in a fun and learning environment.

About insurello

Insurello - the future of insurance claims management.