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We're looking for an film editor to join us once a week. Within a year, we'll be able to offer you 3 days/week. We're small production company based in Stockholm who've produced films & web series for medias such as Netflix, Huffington Post, Arte, SVT etc. 

The most important thing is that you are driven and is able to learn new things yourself by watching tutorials etc.

+ if you have any knowledge in working with Davinci Resolve. 
+ If you have any experience in working with films/videos that are not only voice over &/or music driven. We want to teach you how to structure a short story. 

+ If you see youself as fast. You'll produce a lot of content. 

In the beginning you will do rough edits for different web episodes and other 3-5 min videos. Which will then be sent to the Director for final touch & grading. But you will later be responsible for the whole post-production process. 

You are going to work with both commecial & non-commercial projects. 

Perfect for a person who is either a student or a freelancer. 

200 SEK / Hour (1600/day)

All the best,

About Rough Studios

ough Studios is a award-winning production company and branded content agency. We’re producing long and short non-fictional stories for cinema, television or web. Merging cinematic storytelling with cutting edge technology. Creating films that inspire and change the world. Our projects are strategically planned using a holistic approach where we combine online video campaigning with social media storytelling. Our work has been featured in the world’s largest medias such as; CNN, BBC, Arte, The Huffington Post, MTV, TV6, ZTV, SVT, Al Jazeera and more.