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Digital design intern (closed)

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Artworks - a thing of beauty is a joy forever

Hands up those of you who hasn't felt like an idiot walking into an art gallery or museum, knowing next to nothing about the art in front of you.

Artworks is a platform to make it easier, and more fun to experience the art scene. A platform that brings together a community of art lovers.

We iterate fast and need your help! As a designer you will prototype new features as well as to design assets for use in social media, our app, website and newsletter. In plain English, you will play a key part in helping us build a great design team and of course a popular product.

We take for granted that you have a passion for 'pretty things', appreciate details, and enjoy working hard to get things done. You will work tightly with data and analytics to find out what works, and what doesn't.

In terms of practical details, you will do a great job knowing HTML/CSS and the Adobe Creative Cloud programs.

Sounds exciting? Next step - send Henrik Kanekrans an email at or call on +46 (0) 708385688. Give us your elevator pitch and share your portfolio from previous projects. Look forward hearing from you!

About us.

We love going to great art shows, but we do it to seldom! Finding them can be difficult and boring. With work, family, and friends it's hard to find time for what we love.

That's why Artworks exists. Your perfect art show, artist or artworks could be just around the corner from you without you even knowing it. We are bringing the best of the art world to your mobile.

About Artworks

The number 1 art platform in Sweden to find and buy art.

The world's most simple tool to find great art.