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Digital Sales & Email Marketing Manager

Propellerhead is seeking an energetic, self-motivated Digital Sales & Email Marketing Manager in Stockholm, Sweden.

Apply now for an opportunity to share your passion for music making, e-commerce and digital marketing!

In this position you will manage and develop Propellerhead’s online store and our email marketing campaigns. You will be responsible for initiating and leading online store development, analyzing traffic flow and improving conversion rates. You will also be developing and managing the deployment of multiple customer email campaigns and lifecycle programs through our marketing automation platform.

You will be a key player in the Sales & Marketing department, working closely with our creative team to plan and coordinate digital campaigns, as well as collaborating with in-house and external developers to constantly improve our technical platforms.

We appreciate that you have great planning as well as hands-on skills. You will also benefit from an analytical approach, attention to detail, and most importantly, a strong drive for growing our business.

Join us for an opportunity to work with the latest in digital marketing, and bring musical visions to life worldwide!

You are welcome to mail your application to

For more information contact Torgny Södrin +46 70 467 25 18. Selection will be performed subsequently.

About Propellerhead software

About Propellerhead Software

We’re driven by a dream—of a world where anyone and everyone can make music. A world where technology helps bring your musical visions to life.

No matter who you are–a producer living for a chartbusting hit, a songwriter laying random lyrics over a restless beat, or someone who thrills to squelchy synths—we can help make your dreams come true.

Since 1994 we’ve been creating innovative and affordable music software—products like Reason, ReCycle and Rebirth that countless professionals and enthusiasts use to make all kinds of music.

If you’re passionate about music and restless for new ideas, we’re ready to take you where you want to go—and beyond.

Join us in living the dream!