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We are looking for an experienced and talented fullstack developer to join our team. Joining us you will be part of a small and tight team that will develop our product from scratch.


You have spent a couple of years in a bigger company and have seen their application going through the entire product lifecycle or been part of a growing start-up from the early days.

You are a fullstack developer, equally comfortable building front-end and back-end applications. You will work closely with the Tech Lead who will also spend the majority of his/her time developing the product. Because you are both fullstack developers you'll be able to cooperate and cover up for each other, but we expect you to specialise on either front-end or back-end respectively.

We haven’t made all decisions on tech stack yet so you will be part of deciding that together with the rest of the team. Of course we write small, coherent services so using the right tool for different tasks allows for a broad palette of languages and frameworks. You have probably used frameworks such as Node, Angular, React and Meteor when building applications.

It would be awesome if you have a robust portfolio on Github and / or open source contributions you are proud to share.

You have experience working in agile teams, and are excited about working closely with a tight team consisting of product, design, and domain experts.

Since our mission is to make life better for others, we do value a passion for personal development. 29k will surround you with great minds that will allow you to transform your technical skills into something magical.


We are passionate about personal development & inner growth

We are courageous enough to bring our whole self to work

We value honesty, respect and willingness over perfection

We strive to integrate all parts of ourself in the decision making process: rational and emotional

We feed on our differences, and enjoy co-creating with colleagues of different expertise

About 29k

29k believe that self development and self-exploring is key for changing the world for the better. By combining tech, design and science in an open sourced, non-profit platform we can make personal development accessible for everyone.