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Creative design talent intern

Internship atLiquidmindsCopenhagen,Denmark

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Hi there. We’re Liquidminds in Copenhagen. We are looking for interns for our creative department. So if you are a talented-ambitious-designer-motion-graphics-video-idea-creator type of nice human being then let us know. We work for cliients in Denmark and in Europe – from Sweden to Hungary – in design, integrated, social, btb, btc you name it. And thats why its fun because no day looks like any other around here.

Creative director

About Liquidminds

Liquidminds is a digital advertising agency founded in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are an independent agency, positioned as a strategic and creative house, with the ability to work strategically and implement tactical solutions.

We are global and Nordic lead on a wide range of customers and brands (Royal Copenhagen, Eva Solo, Skandia Pension, Cell Biotech and Mölnlycke).

Liquidminds is known for developing durable branding and campaigns that work, and has been internationally recognized for our work. Our work is based on the foundation of a strong analytical process, deep understanding of their clients’ business, using market and audience insights – and the ability to execute on all channels and platforms. The agency is built around a permanent staff of senior skills, and a large network of specialized competencies.

Our belief is to be able to deliver the optimal and most efficient user experience. From the first touch-point and through all phases of the consumer journey; involvement, purchase, post-purchase etc. across all channels.

To do so our focus is to develop a strong core story for brands, which is anchored internally and differentiated externally. Based on this we can create a core story that is trustworthy and relevant for consumers and brand.

We are 12 people in Liquidminds, and have 4 great colleagues in our SEO/SEM/UX sister agency and have a photographer / director in the house to play with.