Content producer (internship) at SUONOBUONO in Stockholm, Sweden

You will work autonomously but in close cooperation with the founder, developing the company's digital identity, marketing, branding and commercial strategies as well as content to support them. Your tasks include at least:-producing graphics and multimedial material to support the marketing strategy (logo and visual identity, content for the website and social medias, tutorial videos, AD banners, manuals, packaging, product details, etc.);-creating and contributing to the company social media channels.Additional tasks can be discussed based on interest. At this point we are not able to offer an upfront salary, but we propose a fair compensation based on realistic sales results (to be discussed). Nevertheless, we believe that the opportunity to work on branding the launch of a new music instrument is a unique and exciting experience in itself, especially for someone enthusiastic about music!We expect a minimum engagement of 15 hours per week (preferably more during the first few weeks), with flexible working hours and remote work possibility.


Stockholm, Sweden
SUONOBUONO develops, manifactures and sells innovative boutique electronic music instruments. The first product is at advanced prototyping stage and commercialization is expected during first half 2019, while more products will be developed at a later stage. SUONOBUONO reflects the experience of its founder as a charts-scoring music producer, combined with innovative engineering and awarded inventive skills.