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At Inclusive Business Sweden, we help alleviate poverty in countries where people live on less than 8 dollars per day. We do this through supporting and advising business to explore and enter these fast-growing markets, using a business strategy called, simply, inclusive business. 'Inclusive' because people living in poverty are included in the value chain; as producers, entrepreneurs, consumers, distributors. 

Now, while this is inspiring and exciting work, it leaves no room for that stuff that we also need to do: such as handle communications (social media, newsletters) and maintain a professional-looking website. So now we're looking for someone who wants to dive into this, while at the same time making the world become a better place. 

The ideal would be if you can devote a few hours of your time to us each week, that you know Wordpress well, and that you can handle some Tweeting from time to time. Beyond that, we don't so much care about what your life goals are, or what you degree was about. We're based in Gothenburg, but no need for you to see us IRL all the time (though sometimes for fika, maybe). For the right person there is a chance you might get employed further down the line. 

About Inclusive Business Sweden

Enabling business to profitably and sustainably meet the global challenges of poverty - creating economic opportunity, enhancing food security and enabling access to energy, water, sanitation and healthcare