Innovation courses & training

At Hyper Island, we offer a range of innovation course and training programs to help businesses flourish in the digital age. Rethink your business models, drive innovation with leadership training, and transform how your business works digitally.


of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.


of executives say Learning & Development is a necessary benefit to the company.


of the people who leave their work leave it for lack of career development.

Innovation is one of the most common business buzzwords of the last decade. It is often said that innovation is crucial for companies to survive. But what does the word really mean? And more importantly, how do you do innovation?

True innovation starts from inside your business. Training your team and management for the challenges of tomorrow is a crucial and Hyper Island offers a range of innovation courses to help with that. Finding time today to prepare for tomorrow is hard, so that’s why we have built our innovation courses around different learning opportunities, so you can learn online, part-time, or over a 6-week period; it’s up to you.

Our innovation courses cover the fundamental foundations to enable you to bring the change in your organisation.

We also offer strategy courses, marketing training courses, and leadership courses.