Innocean x Hyper Island

Welcome! We look forward to seeing you on September 26th at 09.00 am. Below you will find some information about what we’ll do together, how you can prepare and some logistics to make sure we all have what we need to make the days really productive and useful.

The purpose of the program is to shape the path to make Innocean’s 2020 vision a reality: to become an ideal company. We will focus on three themes to get there:

– Cultivating digital mindsets
– Creating foundations to working better together
– Creating strong connections

We will spend our days learning by doing, with workshops designed to support your development, alongside inspirational context from the facilitators (more about us below).

What to expect

Some of you might know of Hyper Island as a place for everything digital – while this is true, these two days will be surprisingly free from screens and code (there will be robots though!). Our aim is to encourage a digital mindset – a way of thinking that is unrelated to trends, AI and HTML. It all comes down to being curious, and being willing to learn and explore together. So that is what we will do. Therefore, expect fun workshops, being open and exploring new ways of working.

Workshop timings:
Sept 26th: 09.00 – 17.30
Sept 27th: 08.30 – 16.00

We ask that you be present and engaged throughout both days and cancel any meetings around the workshop as much as possible. There will be breaks throughout the day, including a lunch break. Please bring a smartphone, other than that you won’t need anything.

Pre-reflection task

Day 1: Elevate engagement with a curious (digital) mindset


Awareness of Growth mindset theory + my personal default ‘settings’ – thoughts and behaviours

WORKSHOP: Quirkbot sprint

Be challenged by exploring a new technology, work together in teams to solve the challenge.


SCARF is a model to help us to identify and potentially modify our behaviors in core social experiences

WORKSHOP: Quirkbot Sprint #2

Apply methods to work better together

SPEAKER + WORKSHOP: Brain-Friendly Feedback

Practicing to give and receive brain friendly feedback + getting support to process some of the key insights and learnings from the day


Ending the day with purpose and bringing the group together..

Day 2: ONE Innocean


Embed and share the key personal learnings from the first day.

WORKSHOP: The Collaboration Utopia

Work on different perspectives to articulate what the Innocean Collaboration Utopia could look like

WORKSHOP: Storytelling for engagement

A workshop on how to create compelling stories to engage colleagues and clients


Participants to create their own plans on how they want to deepen their curiosity


Practising this powerful tool for organizational change.


Ending the day with purpose and bringing the group together.

A bit more about Hyper Island

Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world. With clients such as Google, adidas and IKEA this “Digital Harvard” has been listed by CNN as one of the most innovative schools in the world.

Practical information

Airport to Hotel

Here you can find a map which shows you the best way from the airport to the hotel.

Hotel to Innocean offices

The Map Hotel-INNOCEAN, shows you the best way to the INNOCEAN office. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to Schwedlerstraße 6.

The rooms will already be paid when you check-in but we kindly ask you to get a bill when you check out of the hotel and hand the original bill over to the GA department.

Food & Drink

As you will be provided with breakfast and lunch, you don’t have to worry about that but for the ones who need an immediate coffee or snack in the morning, next to the hotel is a Coffee Fellows and on the way to INNOCEAN is a bakery called Wiener Feinbäckerei and a butcher called Gref-Völsing. For dinner recommendations please see Lisa’s email with your hotel confirmation.