Innocean x Hyper Island

The purpose of the program is to shape the path to make Innocean’s 2020 vision a reality: to become an ideal company.

We have put together a kit with the tools and resources from our workshop in September 2019 to help you in making change happen.

Repeat the experience

Here you will find all the slides from the two days, feel free to steal them if you want to run any of the workshops with your teams.

Slides from day 1
Slides from day 2
Photos and videos from both days

Tools & Resources

  • Stinky Fish

    Purpose: A short activity to run early in a program, focused on sharing fears, anxieties and uncertainties related to the program theme. The purpose is to create openness within a group. The stinky fish is a metaphor for “that thing that you carry around but don’t like to talk about; the longer you hide it, the stinkier it gets.” By putting stinky fish (fears and anxieties) on the table, participants begin to relate to each other, become more comfortable sharing, and identify a clear area for development and learning.

    Read more about Stinky Fish in the toolbox

  • Check In & Check Out

    Purpose: Check-in and check-out processes are fundamental to the work we engage in, and set the context for what we actually do. The shaping of questions in a thoughtful, purposeful and intentional manner increases the likelihood of them being powerful. It’s a simple way for a team to open or close a process, symbolically and in a collaborative way. Checking-in/out invites each member in a group to be present, seen, and heard. Checking-in emphasizes presence, focus, and group commitment; checking-out emphasizes reflection and closure.

    Read more about Check in & Check Out in the toolbox

  • Reflection/Well of Knowledge

    Purpose: Reflecting together in a group paves the way for collaborative learning as everyone shares their experiences of the previous events and days with each other. This provides you with the opportunity to reinforce your experiences as well as get a chance to access other perceptions from the rest of the group.

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  • Why reflection matters

    Purpose: Reflection (or Reflective Practice) is the practice of actively considering your experiences in order to continuously learn and develop. Reflection is a natural human activity and by doing it proactively and regularly, you’ll learn more and develop more quickly.

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  • The SCARF framework

    Purpose: To improve your leadership by understanding the social brain. People in leadership are often logical, analytical thinkers. But the human brain is a social organ. Its reactions are directly shaped by social interaction. Although work is often seen as an economic transaction, in which people exchange labor for financial compensation, the brain experiences the workplace first and foremost as a social system.

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  • Brain Friendly Feedback Conversations

    Purpose: Effective Feedback supports a learning organization. As part of our development, we need to know which area(s) to focus on. Feedback isn’t just a ritual of the modern workplace, it’s the means by which organisms, across a variety of life-forms and time periods, have adapted to survive. Feedback is a mechanism for change and supports people, teams and organizations to develop and change for the better. It is an essential tool in any business.

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A bit more about Hyper Island

Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world. With clients such as Google, adidas and IKEA this “Digital Harvard” has been listed by CNN as one of the most innovative schools in the world.