Venue Rental

Are you looking to rent an office space/rooms for your business? Well, we’ve got one for you!

Our hub is located in Hammarby Sjöstad in Trikåfabriken.

The total space is 2300 square meters and includes WiFi, projectors, screens and speakers. The rooms are furnished with the Hyper Island spirit, which means lots of space and good lightning – everything you need to be more creative!

We have a studios and rooms in a variety of different sizes. Once we have received your request – including number of people and availability – we will allocate a suitable room that will fit your company perfectly.

You’ll also have accessibility to space outside your allocated workplace, where you can mingle and take a moment away from the desk.

We have 7 studios that can be divided into a total of 10 spaces. All of the spaces can be used with different seating, such as theatre, classroom, U-shape, conference and more. The smallest studio can fit up to 18 people and our biggest studio can hold a total of 120 people.

In addition to that, we also have several meeting rooms with space for 4-12 people.



This is our main entrance and also one of the several places you get access to when renting a room. This is a great place to mingle and start off or end your meeting in a more relaxed matter.

This is one of our studios that fit up to 100 people. This is an example of the theater seating. If you want another seating or need tables to this room, we are more than happy to help arrange this for you.

This is one of our biggest studio that fit up to 120 people at the same time. It is located at the bottom floor with a nice panorama view that gives this studio great lighting. This room is perfect for bigger team sessions, a bigger conference or workshop.

This is our studios that can fit up to 90 people and easily divided into two conference rooms with a moveable wall.


A meeting room next to the reception on the bottom floor with 2 glass walls that gives a spacious feeling. This room fits 10 people.

A meeting room suitable for the smaller company or meeting. Fits up to 12 people.


All prices are excluding VAT

Mon-Fri Evening (18-22 )

1-15 people 5 200 SEK
16-30 people 6 200 SEK
31-50 people 8 200 SEK
51-70 people 10 000 SEK
71-85 people 12 500 SEK
86-100 people 16 000 SEK

Weekends 4h

1-15 people 5 600 SEK
15-30 people 6 600 SEK
31-50 people 8 600 SEK
51-70 people 11 000 SEK
71-85 people 13 500 SEK
85-100 people 18 000 SEK

Weekends 8h

1-15 people 8 400 SEK
16-30 people 9 900 SEK
31-50 people 12 200 SEK
51-70 people 16 000 SEK
71-85 people 19 000 SEK
86-100 people 24 000 SEK

Including set-up, WiFi, projector, speakers, whiteboard, HI pens, A4 papers and cleaning.

Not including tea, coffee, fruit, snacks.


We also offer catering if needed. Coffee and tea can be served to your room for the price of 35 SEK per person. Fruit can be added for the charge of 10 SEK extra per person.

We don’t cater lunch at the moment but there are a lot of tasty lunch places just around the corner and we do have one in the same building.