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Develop the skills and knowledge you need to drive change in a digital world. Learn all about how to create disruptive solutions to real business challenges.

Why this course

Why is this course relevant 

Content experts are in high demand. A recent study found that 76% of Nordic companies work with content and 58% want to increase their content spending in the coming year.

This program is designed to help you gain the most in-demand skills in content development right now. You will combine hands-on creative work and consumer insights to solve real market needs.

Who is it for

Who is the course suited for 

This course is suited for anyone that wants to break in to the content world or advance in it. You can end up working within marketing, communications, PR and/or social media at a creative or communications agency, or in-house content at a large company or a startup. We know this for a fact because we reached out to creative agencies, leading banks, private organizations, and computer software brands. These are some of Sweden’s most attractive employers and they are committed to hiring Hyper Island students from this program.

Why Hyper

About Hyper Island

Enhance your skills
You’ll learn how to apply design thinking to solve problems, how to harness emerging digital technologies, how to transform existing businesses, and how to manage innovation processes.

Make better decisions
You’ll collaborate with peers and professionals on real business challenges in a range of practical projects. That will help you to develop the skills that leaders need to make good strategic decisions.

Study whilst working
You’ll apply the things you learn directly in your business or organization. This Part-Time program is designed to meet the time pressures and learning needs of busy professionals.



Course Modules

21st Century storytelling is more than just words

This full-time study program from Hyper Island will develop your critical ability to assess the quality content in different strategic contexts.
You will master skills such as storytelling, content creation, video production, and writing. You will also get the skills you need to succeed in the strategy, planning and production phases – as well as methods for analyzing and measuring digital channels.

The program covers the trends affecting marketing, communication, and sales from a technical and business perspective. You will learn all about the latest, global, future, trends driving business and marketing forward.


Storytelling skills
Acquire in-depth knowledge of creativity and writing, strategic use of text, images, movies and sound in digital channels.

Cultural awareness
Gain an understanding of the cultural and psychological gateways to creating compelling content and produce successful business strategies.

The right terminology
Learn all the basic terms, concepts and definitions of content development. Master how to create, write and produce content for blogs, mobile apps, podcasts, websites and VR.

Useful insights
Solve complex business and strategy challenges with design thinking and user-centric approaches, and learn about the legal aspects of content production and distribution.

Leadership know-how
Understand group dynamics and leadership in relation to well-being, quality, efficiency and productivity.

Ways to apply your skills
Get a basic understanding of marketing, communication, sales, data analysis, publishing, public relations, front-end development and video production.


Course Format

  • 45 Weeks on Campus
  • 20 Weeks of Internship
  • Starting August 2018
  • Diploma Level

Hyper Island Student Program

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The Application Process

April 10th

You will need to have sent in your application by April 10th, please do this via the registration button

May 24th

We will have reviewed all applications and have gotten back to you regarding when the admission days happen

May 30th

We will invite you to come to the campus if possible and we will assess your team skills

June 12th

All Successful applicants will be notified of their place

August 27th

All students will start their course, starting with an intensive week of culture and leadership

Where are they now?

Where Our alumni works

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