Unconscious bias – “Blindspots, Mind the Gap!”

Please join us for the inaugural thought leadership event – The Hyper Island Learning Lab – New York City, on May 9th at 6 PM.

Our first topic is on unconscious bias, “Blindspots, Mind the Gap!” by Howard Gray, with the Hyper Island experience facilitated by Hazel Swayne. The goal is to provide new insights for your career and personal leadership, and to experience the Hyper Island Way of learning how to manage change in this rapid paced, uncertain digital world. The Learning Lab is also a way to introduce you to our expert Collaborators, all of whom work on the leading edge of their industries and for Hyper Island to practice what we teach, to “Learn by Doing.” The Learning Lab will showcase Hyper Island’s proven methodology for helping clients and students achieve a lasting shift in culture and mindset, and accelerate digital learning, change readiness, creativity and innovation.

We invite you to participate, stay informed and get ahead of the curve. This is an event for professionals, executives, creatives, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, educators or a small corporate team – across industries. We will dig into current topics and learn how to tap into creativity and innovation to improve your personal leadership, your business and your team productivity.

The topic for May 9th is “Blindspots: Mind the gap.” We all experience bias in the world around us, but how well do we recognize it in ourselves? In this talk we’ll explore 5 of the most common biases that catch us out, and some mental models and tactics to help manage them, and to improve our thinking and our personal and professional leadership.

When: May 9, 6-8pm (refreshments will be served)

Where: The Grace Building, 1114 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, 46th Floor (near 42nd Street, Bryant Park)

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Hyper Island is a global business transformation consultancy, founded over 20 years ago in Sweden, by Swedish innovators, and has evolved into a global enterprise with 7 international hubs. We work with a network of experts across a variety of specialties who will share their knowledge in this interactive forum, on a monthly basis.

Questions? or to assess whether this event is right for you or your company, please contact me at Liana.Slater@hyperisland.com.