Hyper Island Christmas Party with holiday tools and games

This is not another Christmas event but The Hyper Island Christmas party!

We’re delighted to be hosting our first Christmas Party in London with our newest Hyper Island holiday-themed tools and games.

Join us for an evening of appreciation, year reflection to reconnect with old friends and meet some new friends!

What to expect?
We will be presenting and playing around with our new Christmas toolkit created for this special occasion to help you out in new situations, make you the queen of mingling, develop amazing teams or just enjoy a different Christmas.

What are some of the new Christmas tools?

  • Take some time to get to know a new angle of each other and work up some energy with 3 Question Mingle
  • Play with candy and get to know your family and friends with Sweet Stories
  • Silent Introductions is a charade inspired game to play when you need to have a laugh
  • I Love You Honey is a great game to get a smile back
  • Infuse some energy and laugher after you had too much to eat with The Christmas Knot

Who can attend?
Everyone is invited!

People curious about Hyper Island, Hyper Island alumni, current students, collaborators, Business Transformation clients and wider network.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you,
Love the Hyper Island Team