Digital Transformation for HR

Hyper Island invites you to take part in an interactive experience: Growing our perspective on learning as a vehicle for business transformation and exploring stories around what we are learning right now, by our Head of Learning Design Åsa Rexare Simonsen.

Digital transformation is a top priority for CEOs at almost every company. Yet, according to Gartner’s 2018 Future of HR Survey, more than 60% of Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) worry they’re unprepared to manage coming technological disruptions. Today the CHROs know they will need additional skills to build talent organizations that can move at the pace of today’s business.

There are four key skills that CHROS must build to thrive in the future. And these skills may surprise you. Learn more from HBR.

In this session Åsa will dig in to this HBR article and give an overview on how to answer:

  • What are your main challenges in how CHRO´s contribute to the transformation & change of your business/company?
  • And what are key trends in L&D that your organization needs to leverage right now?

Who is Åsa Rexare Simonson?

Åsa works as Head of Design at Hyper Island. She has extensive experience from designing and facilitating processes, meetings, learning experiences and workshops with both smaller teams and large meetings/conferences of around 500 people, incl interactive designs using technology. Åsa has a background as leader and manager in large companies, including the past 12 years at IKEA.

“Businesses do not transform – People do”

Richard Barrett
Barrett Values Centre

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