Augmented Intelligence: Where Man and Machine Make Magic

Melanie Cook, Managing Director at Hyper Island Singapore, is scheduled to speak at Digital Marketing Expo & Conference (DMEXCO) 2018 on the subject of Augmented Intelligence: Where Man and Machine Make Magic.

The super intelligentsia believes that AI and armageddon go hand in hand. Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) have integrated human and mechanical capabilities at work, with jobs lost and skills condensed to a keystroke.

But human intelligence is far from obsolete.

With crowd-computing, we have knowledge exchanges like wiki, and real-time curated news. Semantic technology helps leaders to understand what is happening in the workplace. However, neurology shows that these leaders cannot make choices, and therefore take action, without emotion. Augmented intelligence takes human intuition and imagination, and combines it with AI’s ability to automate and scale, making the intelligent workplace hard to beat.

I’m going to look at these questions from the human angle, instead of the well-trodden path of digital disruption. From a human-centred design point of view, every investment decision should start with your customers. Too often companies say: “I want a chatbot like competitor X”, rather than asking: “Our customers have jobs to be done 24/7, could technology help them?”