Creative Task 2017 - COMMUNITY CHALLENGE

Please note that the Creative Task is required as part of an application only for our Nordic applicants applying to our full-time programs in Sweden.

How can you contribute to solving a real life challenge in your community today and tomorrow?

Do the lack of safe bike lanes in your city grind your gears? Does your local public transportation leave you stranded or late for work? What feelings do you experience when reading about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Maybe you’ve experienced this situation before; you’ve read about something you really care about and suddenly you feel it’s time to stop sitting around hoping some politician or someone else will deal with it. You feel it’s time to get involved.

Now’s the time! We’re giving you the mandate to tackle a real-life challenge that you feel connected with. Feel free to take on global issues like world hunger, human trafficking, child labor, equality in developing countries, or local issues like unhealthy school lunches, traffic jams, or the housing shortage in Stockholm. We’re curious to see how you’d engage yourself in contributing to making the world a better place.

Choose one real issue or problem that you care about or that affects you. Reflect on this issue, research the approaches that already exist, and come up with a new and innovative idea that could make a valuable contribution to making your neighborhood, town, city, country or the world a better place.

Here's what we'd like you to do:

  • Choose one real issue or problem you care about or that affects you.
  • Be innovative!
  • Have a tech, digital, data and/or marketing & communications focus.
  • Create a concept, campaign, product, service or experience that contributes to solving your community challenge.
  • Upload your response to the Creative Task as part of your application before the deadline.


Your submission can be visualized and/or written, but your concept should be driven by digital technology, data and/or have a marketing or business focus.

Deliver your Creative Task in a digital format in order to be reviewed by our Admissions Team. Acceptable formats include: MP4, MOV, PDF, URL, ZIP, JPG, or PNG.

  • In English – a presentation of your idea, solution, or concept.
  • You only create and upload one Creative Task, regardless of how many programs you apply for.
  • Do not limit yourself, but remember that we have no more than 5 minutes to review each Creative Task.

Your Creative Task submission will be assessed on the following criteria:
1.) Innovation & Feasibility and Originality
2.) Presentation and Effective Communication

Start your Application & Submit your Creative Task

Need any support along the way?
Email our Admissions Team or utilize the Creative Task Support Group.

Why does Hyper Island require a Creative Task?
It’s great to see that our Creative Task has developed and evolved over the years to reflect our own values at Hyper Island as well as reflect the bigger issues and challenges that affect society. Rather than asking our prospective Nordic students to solve a static problem as part of their application to Hyper Island, we challenge our Nordic applicants to: research and understand, generalize, draw conclusions, conceptualize and design, and communicate and present their ideas on ways to solve problems that are dynamic and larger than themselves.

How will my Creative Task be evaluated?
- Innovation, Feasibility & Creativity
- Presentation & Effective Communication

Where can I get support on my Creative Task?
We have a Facebook group that you’re free to join and ask for help or advice.

What’s the best way to present my idea?
That’s entirely up to you. We suggest in whichever way you feel you can express yourself best. That could be in a short video, website mockup, .pdf or even in the form of poetry. It’s up to you!

Do I need to “create” anything?
We don’t expect you to actually bring your concept to life whether that be a campaign, prototype, a website, app, or service. We expect you to conceptualize your idea and explain how it attempts to solve the task.

How long do you have to review my Creative Task?
We have a total of 5 minutes so try to keep it complete and concise.

How do I submit my Creative Task?
You upload it with your application.

Start your Application & Submit your Creative Task