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Wout Arets

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2013

Current OccupationIndependent Creative / Strategist


Current LocationAmsterdam

Make shit happen!

Seeing possibilities comes natural for Wout. He is a sharp observer and discovers what is happening tomorrow. Trend watching isn’t a challenge it’s a way of life. Identifying “What’s hot and what,s not” is one of his stronger skills. A creative thinker, who creates innovative and challenging ideas. These ideas are complete from start to finish. Wout’s goal is reached when these are brought into the real world. His way of operating is simple, he keeps control of the whole process, from his innovative concept al the way through to visualizing, designing and finally reality. This is not a stand alone operation, he uses his considerable knowledge, creative thinking and his vast network for bouncing of ideas every step in his creative process. During this process he inspires others and motivates them, mostly due to his enthusiasm.