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Medium selfportrait 02

Ward Coertjens

ProgramMotion Creative, 2014

Current OccupationJunior Designer at King of Hearts

The Monolit

Medium monolit

The task was to create a 30 second video that started with a circle and ended with a circle, around the theme "distortional evolution". Trying to use nothing familiar and experimenting as much as possible, we chose to do projection mapping on a white sculpture. By trying, failing and trying again we challenged ourselves and ended up with a 3d sculpture and projected on all the sides of the shape which is being lit by one person's heartbeat.

More info on this project on our website

Introduction Video

Medium mc

With the class we got the brief to introduce our class in a way it would "represent" us. We choose to mix all kinds of media to show the diversity in the class, but still working together as a machine.