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Wai Shun Yeong

ProgramMobile Creative, 2013

Current OccupationUX / Interaction Desginer


Current LocationKarlskrona

My passion is to explore new exciting ideas and concepts that transforms people’s behavior. As technology is deeply intertwined with our lives today, I strive to bridge the gap between digital products and real life, making them more tangible than just shapes and texts confined under glass.

Brilliantly designed products that create a rich and wonderful experience for the users always intrigues and amazes me. To me, tweaking minute details is what really matters to create the best possible experience. Driven by user satisfaction, I am continuously learning to refine my craftsmanship.

I am a good team player and I believe there is always something to learn from others. I am an early adopter and I enjoy working in a work hard, play hard environment.

I love coffee, traveling and good stories. I also embrace life’s little uncertainty, making it a better adventure. Laughters are the best things in life.

Allt om Bröllop

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Allt om Bröllop, one of Sweden's major wedding magazine approached us for a wedding planner app to aid couples plan their wedding and turn it into a more enjoyable and less daunting task. We strive for simplicity and ease of usability of the app and reduced it only to the required core features, which includes: Marketplace, Favorites, Checklist and Budget tool.


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RubberJam came as an idea to bring people who love to play music from all over the world together on a digital platform, allowing people to collaborate, form virtual bands and make great music easily, removing hindrance of time and location. It is a rapid music jamming tool, where users can record and upload short samples of instruments that they play. Users can also discover music samples uploaded by fellow users and contribute a track of their own to build on the existing track.