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Ulrik Gøtsche

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2014

Current OccupationCEO


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

I am all about the execution of a good idea. The simple solution to a complex problem. This is when innovation happens.

Illuminated Immersion

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Exhibtion Illuminated Immersion at Tvätpalaset.

The challenge was to make LEDS draw a square while using the circular movement of mechanic engines. Inspired by Da Vinci´s "Vitruvian Man". 8 LEDS were attached on a wing attached to a mechanical engine. By calculating angles, speed, distance between LEDS, and LED flashing interval the illusion of a square were obtained when the user found the right speed for the mechanical engine. At other speeds different shapes were found which encouraged the exhibition guest to explore the installation. A top down webcam was applied with color grading and delay so guests could also look at a TV, to get a better understanding of the effect.