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Tor Åström

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2013

Current OccupationIntern @ bacon de czar


Current LocationSweden

The Hyper Island Jorney

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“Hyper Island is not an elite school but a school that consists of students with a wide range of talents and backgrounds. We wanted to show that the ideal student isn´t someone with the perfect skillset but someone with the right mindset.

The Hyper Island Journey, is an infographic that lets the viewer experience their own journey of Hyper Island. It illustrates the diversity of student backgrounds, the learning outcomes the students gain and the industry experience from internships and jobs.”

Intro film to final project:


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We are all living in a world where we listen to different kinds of sounds everyday. In the morning we wake up to the alarm clock. On our way to work we hear the birds singing and the wind swirling around us.

The European Union claims that 25% of all of the Europeans gets their health and quality of life reduced, because of the outdoor noisy sounds.

We created a 3D interactive art visualization were we engaged people to go outside to see the message. We scaled down the pieces of the message with 25% and put it on the window. From the right angle you would see our message and be in the space of outdoor noises, while standing on the street to view it.

Credits: Edith Börjesson and Christina Holmstoel.

Data Hack Fest

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Data Hack Fest

The Digital Data Strategist students at Hyper Island are excited and proud to invite their fellow creative problem solvers and other bright brains, to a very special day of creative collaboration. And everyone is invited to the showcase.

We want to push the boundaries of what can be done with data. We’re bringing together one massive group of smart and creative brains to spend one big day playing and building with data. The goal is simple: using the skills in the room and open sources of data as the tools, everyone builds something by the end of the day.

The market module - Spotify

We got to choose what industry and company we wanted to look further into. We chose the music industry and the company Spotify. In the Vimeo movie you can se our research about the music industry plus some really good tips on how Spotify could improve.