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Tim Marshall

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NationalityUnited States

Current LocationGreater New York City Area

What I had, I gave; What I kept, I lost forever.

I like to help people. It is why I began a career in sales 20 years ago and why I enjoy working for Hyper Island. I have 2 beautiful children and a wonderful, supportive wife who helps me be the best I can be and for that I am grateful. Being a father is the most demanding and rewarding 'job' I have ever had and the joy I get each day watching them grow and develop is what drives me to better myself each day.

I enjoy challenges and travel. In 2015 I made a personal goal come true by running the NYC Marathon. I especially enjoy the Half Marathon distance and am always looking for cities across the country and around the world where I can run 13.1 and enjoy the local culture at the same time.

I also support a couple of causes very important to me, Epilepsy and Tuberous Sclerosis. I have raised more than $20K in support of finding a cure for epilepsy & seizures and am looking for ways I can help the TSAlliance.