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Subhendu Mukherjee

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2013

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Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

Meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same --"If" Rudyard Kipling

I am a rare strategic planner with a Google Analytics Individual Qualification (94%) and a Cannes Grand Prix to my name. I am currently in Hyper Island Stockholm pursuing the Digital Data Strategist program and getting adept at web analytics, content strategy, working knowledge of codes, data management, data visualisation, business intelligence and more.

Recently, Hyper Island, has presented me as one of the world’s first New Digital Data Strategists

Media | Data | Conversion

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Making a 200 year old media company see conversion value in data. Bonnier AB (also the Bonnier Group) is a privately held Swedish media group of 175 companies operating in 20 countries. We dug deep into their data. We mashed multiple data sources to extract insights. We unlocked the latent value in their business that was just waiting to be converted. In the end we delivered 8 ideas and 6 strategic insights by analysing more than 2.3 million data points. All being currently implemented.

General Mills

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We were lucky to have had General Mills at Hyper Island. They flew all the way from Minneapolis, spent 3 days with us at Hyper Island Stockholm. We generated ideas the “Hyper Island” way. We felt fortunate to have discovered some of their new ideas and processes, they were happy to explore the Hyper Island Way. All in all, 3 awesome days of ideas, insights and storytelling.

FundedByMe; a whole new way to fund ideas and the pleasure of digging in their data

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The FundedByMe collaboration with Hyper Island was an attempt at unlocking the potential of existing data capture to enhance both the user experience as well as the revenue potential of the business.

Data Driven Decisions: Art Module

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Data driven decision making support for Hyper Island. An interactive visual aide that tells the Hyper Island management, at a glance, what to prioritise for forthcoming marketing plans. This included a custom conversion index that bench-marked enrolments to unique visitors to

Tools used:

Google Analytics

Admission Data (sampled)

Adobe Illustrator

Real Data, Real Art

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Happy to be in Hyper Island's Digital Data Strategy students' exhibition of digital data based art work. The work was the result of a 72-hour workshop with Stefanie Posavec (, a London-based artist working across data visualisation.

Wide range of subjects covering data visualisation for freedom of speech, gay marriage, noise pollution, "thirsty meat", world wide waste, clothing consumption, overconsumption, metabolism in relation to eating breakfast, average distance to clean water and alcohol abuse.

Module Client 1: Google Analytics

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Google analytics audit, implementation, custom dashboards, custom reports, analysis and recommendation

Module: Game of me

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A game concept founded upon the intersection of data, human behaviour and visualtisation