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Sofie Predikaka

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2014

Current OccupationSEO Consultant, Outreach


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden


Born in Skåne, moved to Piteå to take my bachelors degree in Experience Production, settled in Stockholm and joined Digital Data Strategy on Hyper Island. Now working with SEO at a small agency called Firstly at Medis with roots in Piteå.

    Doing right now:
  • Junior SEO-consultant at Firstly Sweden AB
  • Owner/Consultant at Predikaka Event
  • Skiing (I hope)
  • Writing in the blog Kajak&Skidor

Get in touch for SEO workshops, Outreach workshops or to get my thoughts on entrepreneuship, skiing or how to make the perfekt Swedish Fika!