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Sofia Lindberg Parker

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2013

Current OccupationStudent


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Alan Kay

Hello there! I'm a 24 year old curious creative and strategist with a positive way of approaching life. Innovation, new learning's and experiences are of the most importance for me and it's my drive both in a personal and professional level. I'm always striving to find new, innovative ways to communicate, tell stories and do business.

Right now I am studying the Digital Data Strategy program at Hyper Island in Stockholm learning all the possibilities and insights data can give to any kind of company and how to use data in new creative ways within marketing, business, design and communication.

My path to where I am today has included traveling around the world, experiencing new cultures, meeting many exceptional people and working within many different industries in six different cities.

Bonnier Digital and Dagens Industri

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During 6 weeks this spring we worked with Bonnier as a client. Given four different briefs from Bonnier, divided on teams, our group had the task to optimize the editorial dashboard for Dagens Industri, one of the biggest business magazines in Sweden. Given real data, access and business information we reconstructed and added new features that would make the editors everyday life easier while working with the online magazine. The aim was to be able to support them with data that could support them into making better, data-driven decisions. We also developed a new ambient dashboard with live feed for them to have a more clear overview of what other magazines within the same field write about. The response from Bonnier and Dagens Industri was very positive and the Linda Ribbing, Account Manager at Dagens Industri, said the following after our presentations; “We’ll be looking carefully at what they provided us and see how we can use the ideas we think are valuable and profitable.”

Facilitating change through data

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"The buzz says that data is important but what do we know about data? Can data change how we market books, empower readers to discover their favorite book among 5 million available titles or enhance user experience through ramification?" My team and I looked into the future of publishing. We wrote "facilitating change" which is an ebook full of insight, trends and observations from what current data shows about the changing behaviors in the book industry, also bringing up all the possibilities and opportunities data and digitalizing books can bring. With a mix of fun and insightful reading, storytelling and data visualizations, facilitating change was released combined with the publishing conference "If book the" held by Publit and Svensk handel and had a great response from the audience. Role: Designer and Editor Download the book:

See our People - Hyper Island Network

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In this project we worked with the Marketing team from Hyper Island as Clients, with the brief of adding some kind of marketing value for current and potential students, co-workers and collaborators. There is a great potential within the complete Hyper Island network. Its incredible size, spread and impact, yet it is not used to its full potential today. There are missing tools of finding, searching and contacting with the right people. Our solution to this problem is an interactive data visualization, showing the complete Hyper Island network on a map with filer functions. Our product is only a mock up today, but we are currently working together with Hyper Island developers and with students from Mobile Applications in order to further develop and finalize this idea. My role in this project: Account manager

Vintage by Fé - Online optimization

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In the fall of 2012 I worked together with Vintage by Fé, an E-commerce retail business that also has a real store in Göteborg. Our brief was to gather insights about their current analytics and SEO as well as setting up KPI's followed by optimizing them in order to create better business. From gathering new data together with the most relevant, specific for Vintage by Fé, we created a new dashboard where all the data were tracked and visualized. We also created new social media strategies, suggestions of A/B testing, adwords campaigns and a few design suggestions in order to increase usability. My role in this project: Project Manager

DDS Events

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Together with my team of six other Hyper Island students, we have, during the past two semesters created fun, engaging and creative events for other H.I. students in order to be able to meet up and socialize in new places. So far, we held a Raw Vintage Party (140 people) and a After Ski Party (240 people) which both was very successful from all point of views. My role has mainly been as an event and marketing manager, but have also had a part within design for posters, sponsorship and sales. Sponsors that have been involved with our events: Redbull, Jägermiester, T shirt store, Sandqvist, Grandpa, Cup Cake STHLM, Independent Kostym. Photographers: Lisa Arwfidsson, Jonatan Agami, Malin Larsson Design: Me, Anderas Johnsson, Alejandro Masferrer

The game of me - Quest for the golden shoe

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By collecting personal data we can create a gamification about our life and behaviours and use it in order to make a change in your life. I decided to take the opportunity and try to use my own data as a motivator to increase a healthier lifestyle and become well being. When collecting data from eating, walking, sleeping and training habits as well as measuring my mood a few times a day, I could easily see how I live and what I can do to make it better. I set up new goals and motivators, in order to be able to change and see progress. After four weeks I visualized my story and results as a infgraph as well as a fun video, showing how my life could look like if it would be a game. In my case, since I love candy and trying to be healthy, candy is the enemy:) Also the highest reward of them all, was a new pair of Nike shoes, therefor the name; Quest for the golden shoe.

Data Hack Fest

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A fantastic party in the name of creativity. 120 brains participate in the 8 hour hack – and close to 200 gathered for the mingle and showcase projects showing all the possibilities with data. People from all industries joined in, such as Spotify, STV, Day4, Wrapp, SR, Tictail, Gapminder, Oakwood Creative, Greatness PR, Triby, Great Works, Riksantikvariet, Berghs, Idea Society and Pax. See all projects: