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Sofia Langenskiöld

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2015

Current OccupationDigital Media Creative


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

I'm too old to drop it like it's hot, so I'm just gonna sit down like it's warm.

Hey, I’m Sofia – a Digital Designer from Helsinki with a passion for aesthetics and user-friendly solutions.

Coming from a print design background and realizing I live in a world where technology evolves faster than ever, I felt the importance of gaining more knowledge of the digital world and improve as a designer. At Hyper Island I have deepened my knowledge of the digital industry, learnt everything from team work, designing for web and mobile, front-end development, and Arduinos’ to solving a brief in 24 h.

I’ve worked as a designer at Cocomms – Communications Agency in Helsinki, taken a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design in the UK, and done a lot of fun summer internships.

Specialties: Digital design (web/mobile), Graphic Design, Branding & Identity and Digital Marketing. Inspirations: Stefan Sagmeister, Ellen Lupton, Dreams of flying (Occulus Rift - Birdie)