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Shaghayegh Khomjani

ProgramLearning Designer & Facilitator, 2012

Current Occupation

"We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light! " Hafiz of Persia

I am Sherry, a designer and a facilitator, I like to challenge myself and my knowledge anytime, anywhere, I have a great ability and flexibility to work in a group and I do not afraid to accept change. I am really good to analysis the project and focus on details in order to predict the best way of improvement. I always 100% physically and mentally present and I am really an active listener. I have an ability to design and develop workshops. I am interested to learn new things and I try to improve and develop myself in different aspects of life.

I can be: Facilitator, Project Manager, Workshop Designer and Developer, Media Manager.

I work on: Business strategy, Project Facilitation, Learning methodology, Use of digital platforms for learning, Idea and concept development, and Idea Generation.


Why fails to grasp the changing face of mobile industry? Research

Desire outcome: Promote connectivity with the intelligent mobile device which can help people simplify their life.

New Market Space: Artificial Brain that can analyse, process and predict information. Nokia’s new market space should be to promote connectivity on a deeper level meaning more meaningful connection instead of random things. Based on owners previous activities, profiles behaviours, it can access and process relevant information in order to predict and suggest actions.

Karlshamn Lärcenter

Project Outcome: A proposal of actions to take in order to develop and enhance learning in the organisation

General Approach: How can we improve integration and collaboration between the two departments in order to work more cohesively and efficiently?

Final Delivery: