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Sebastian Ramn

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2008

Current OccupationFreelance Illustrator and Art Director


Current LocationStockholm

Sebastian Ramn Studios – Storytelling & Illustration

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I draw pictures and tell stories. Sometimes they’re mine, sometimes someone else’s.

A story is not confined to text or pictures. I believe the story lives in the gaps between images and words, lines and scenes – in that which is not expressed, but implied. Without these gaps the story becomes unpenetratable, and the audience unable to make it their own. A mine is simply a mountain if it wouldn’t be for its tunnels.

These gaps of omitted information strengthen the relationship between author and audience. I use them to make fiction entertaining. I use them to create pause and assist in reflection, and I use them to create interesting communication.

I’m currently available for freelance work related, but not necessarily restricted, to: Art direction, illustration, animation, visual development and graphic design.

The Studio – www.sebastianramn.com The Blog – www.ramnexpress.com