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Sebastian Degenhart

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2016

Current OccupationInteractive Art Director


Current LocationSweden

"It’s not the technology that entertains people, it’s what you do with the technology." - John Lasseter, Pixar

I started making my first movie with 17 and since then I've been on a journey following my passion producing snowboard movies and creating my startup Brainchild Media an agency for visual storytelling. Based on my experience video is the most powerful medium to connect people and to entertain an audience. At the same time studying business and engineering has taught me a methodical and structural approach to solving problems and entrepreneurship.

Currently being a student at Hyper Island gives me the possibility to explore other creative areas, to experiment and for experienced-based learning. I am especially fascinated and curious to discover what makes brands succeed. I believe in the power of creating strong brands through culture, purpose and design as a solution to success in today’s world.

I draw my inspiration from nature and educating myself through travelling. I love the outdoors, winter or summer, exploring, snowboarding, trekking, camping, running.

Absolut Web Concept

How can we increase the number of returning visitors at absolutdrinks.com?

This is a journey of 6 Hyper Island Students creating a concept for Absolut which aims to create more value at the Absolut Drinks Site. With our concept we want to bring the full party experience to absolutdrinks.com. Utilizing the existing content and helping users plan and host the parties of their dreams. With the new throw-a-party service Absolut will not only bring the party to millennials, they will help them create it.

Qribly Brand Strategy

How do we create a brand that makes the homeowner fall in love with Qribly?

This is the journey of 6 Hyper Island students creating a brand strategy and new visual identity for the client Qribly during a 4 week project. Qribly is a new digital hub commited to creating transparency on the housing market by combining data with a holistic, human approach. Enabling the homeowner to live the life of their dreams out of buying, owning and maintaining their home.

European Social Fund Multimedia Portraits

For the European Social Fund in Germany I conceptualized and produced a series of 5 multimedia portraits of the winners for the „Das ESF Gesicht 2014“ award, which were used as a nationwide campaign of the European Social Fund in Germany. This video portraits the Italian immigrant Carlo Arena who came to Germany in his thirties quitting a well-paid bank job in Italy to follow his belief and work in a social service organization. With the help of European Funding Programs he was later on able to participate in a training program which enabled him to become head of the railway mission in Leipzig.

Silicon Valley Tour Documentary

With leading persons in the startup world of Silicon Valley I shot and directed a short documentary to encourage and promote Entrepreneurship at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The gives an introduction to the ecosystem of the Silicon Valley and explains what it takes to create an idea to build a startup. Before shooting the documentary I worked on the storytelling of the film outlining our interpretation of the different phases when founding a startup: ideate, start, grow, disrupt.