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Sansar Jiimen

ProgrameCommerce Business, 2013

Current OccupationStudent


Current LocationStockholm

"If you want world peace, clean your room." Brad Warner, Zen master

As a Zen practitioner I like the following Eight Truths of Great Human beings

1) Small desire. (Not to have strong desire; not to chase after things that you can’t get.) 2) To know satisfaction. (To be satisfied with what we have.) 3) To enjoy tranquillity. (To move away from all kinds of noise and live alone in an empty space.) 4) To practice diligence. (To keep doing things all the time, on and on and on. Very Hyperisland Way :))) 5) Not to lose "mindfulness". (actually correct english translation is "mindemptyness") 6) To practice the balanced state of dhyana. (Zazen meditation) 7) To practice wisdom. 8) Not to engage in idle chat. (my favorite one) :))

Save Her Now

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Save Her Now is an idea for an organisation and Mobile Game that will help to bring more awareness for a very serious issue that every country and all cultures share. Domestic violence against women.

But in order to understand how we arrived at our current state, we have to actually start in the past. This journey began with two entirely different people from two different backgrounds. Myself, Sansar Jiimen, and Christopher Fisher both came to Stockholm, Sweden and entered Hyperisland.

The motivations behind our decisions are wholly different stories and a little irrelevant to this particular story. We both enrolled into the eCommerce Business Program at Hyper Island. Through this similar decision these two, different people were destined to begin a promising journey towards a positive force for change.