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Sanna Nilsson

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2013

Current OccupationDigital Data Strategist Student


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

I'm an ex-Digital Data Strategist student with a background in communications fields like marketing, PR and journalism. At Hyper Island I have developed amongst others digital strategies, online marketing implementations and infographics for clients. In the groups I've been working in during Hyper Island I love to take the role as a Project Manager, being I love structure and planning. I also enjoy researching ideas and coming up with new innovative solutions based on the supporting data I've found. Founder of Cody Coder and Kalle Kodare! www.kallekodare.se & www.codycoder.com

Data Art Exhibition - World Wide Waste

An exhibition to change the visitors behaviours or thoughts positively through real data art. 72 hours to prepare, and 8 hours of exhibition later we have this video to show our progress. World Wide Waste showed the visitors how much food that are wasted in comparison to total food bought and countries. Everything was visualized on a map with cut outs from pieces of cake.


We researched (through conducted surveys and academic research) the market of preschool entertainment and education to find needs and demands that we could base a strategy on. The goal was to make the actor reinstate themselves as educational leaders in the market. A strategy was formed after finding insights in collected data and was show cased in a video.