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Sandra Öster

ProgramMobile Creative, 2015

Current OccupationStudying Mobile Creative


Current LocationGothenburg, Sweden

Hi & most welcome! I am Sandra - a former graphic designer. I am currently expanding my knowledge at Hyper Island as a Mobile creative.

Please take a look at the projects below and at my portfolio-site for more info. Feel free to drop me a line at any time!

Best, Sandra Öster www.sandraoster.info

Re-make of TaskRunner app

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Discription: Ideation, concept development, UX/UI design

What: During 6 weeks me and my team worked with TaskRunner. A startup with the aim to create a platform where people can help each other with all sorts of tasks like house cleaning, mowing the lawn etc.

The breif was to make the platform more on demand and top of mind.

After doing user interviews of the existing concept and app we saw what the needs were. After creating thousands of ideas, we started to test them. Basically, we used the Lean-model where we built, measured and learned. Over and over and over again.

The result of all the testing we did gave us answers to what kind of features the user needs to feel safe and that they are not wasting time using the service.

YouTube re-make

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Discription: Ideation, concept-developer, UX/UI design

What: Our mission was to identify a problem in an app. Me and my team saw a possibility to improve the YouTube app to an easier and better user experience.

After four weeks of brainstorming, prototyping and user testing, we came up with this design & concept.

Lifesum diabetes app

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Discription: Ideation, concept-developer, UX/UI design

What: Me and my team developed a concept and design for Lifesum during 4 weeks.

The brief was to create an app for diabetics with focus on the social aspect such as family & friends. The most important things for the potential user was to be motivated, to gain knowledge and to be able to communicate in a simple way.

Our solution was to let the diabetic together with friends and family team-up to motivate, support and challenge each other to get a healthier life-style.

We also made a design proposal based on user research and user experience.