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Samuel Hedberg

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2012

Current OccupationProgram Manager - Digital Media Creative


Current LocationStockholm

Hi! I'm Samuel. I love cooking bouillabaisse, all things digital, and going really fast downhill on a skateboard.

I work as a Program Manager for the Digital Media Program in Stockholm. I am responsible from managing the content as well a the process for the program. Booking speakers, supporting students with mentoring as well as and facilitating group processess.

Let it grow

Last semester at Hyper Island, we got a brief from Benetton to create an interactive application for their store windows. The application was to answer to a certain theme. We chose to work with the theme "the scarcity of water in the world". We created an application called Let it Grow.

In this project, I had the role of Creative Director. I worked on the idea development as well as leading a team of 10 people. We had the Brief from Benetton as well as a second client. I also created the animation for the application.

This is how it works: As soon as you step in front of the store window (8x3m big) a camera inside the window recognizes your face. An umbrella appears on the screen to represent your movement. The umbrella breaks the streams of water coming down from the top of the screen and waters the ground. As the water hits the ground, plants will start growing all the way to the top of the screen. When you step a way from the screen, the umbrella disappears and the plants retract back into the ground.


My application work sample for Hyper Islands Digital Media program. The task was to create a prototype for what social media could look like in 2020.

Filmed with a Canon 5d Mark II, edited in AfterEffects in combination with Adobe Ilustrator and Photoshop

Adidas 40h Contest

During my final project at Hyper Island, we were surprised by Adidas with a brief for South by Southwest, one of the worlds largest Music, film and digital festivals, held annually in Austin, Texas.

The brief was to create a digital experience for the festival. The hook? We only had 40 hours to complete the brief. We competed against 20 other groups at Hyper Island.

My group Talkie Walkie won the pitch!