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Rosa Hrund Kristjansdottir

Current OccupationHyper Island student


Current LocationStockholm

HI I am Rósa Hrund Kristjánsdóttir. I come from Reykjavik, Iceland but am currently a Hyper Island citizen studying Interactive Art direction in wonderful Stockholm.

I'm very passionate about ideas. Ideas that solve problems, make the world a better place or just make life a bit more fun. I believe in making stuff people like, not making people like stuff. I love working in groups and building great and effective teams. Sharing my knowledge and in return gaining knowledge from others makes me a happy bunny.

I'm a hybrid creative. Most of my experience comes from advertising as I have worked as an Art director and a Creative for the last 8 years in the agency Hvíta Húsið in Reykjavík. I really believe in the power of time off to keep progressing as a creative and as a person. As a result I've also been doing stage- and costume design for theaters, I've been teaching Ideation at Iceland Academy of the Arts for some years now and climbing mountains in the highlands of Iceland.