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Rodrigo Rivas Ruiz

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2015

Current OccupationInteractive Art Director - Filmmaker


Current LocationÅrsta, Sweden

Filmmaker, Photographer, Editor, Art Director.

Photographer and video artist with international experience. I have a background in documentary filmmaking, photo-journalism, TV and creative problem solving.

I've always been interested in telling stories through still or moving images. I have experience working with the digital media tools available in today’s technology.

As a photographer, I particularly like the live concert and sports photo because of the electricity and spontaneity that makes each event unique.

I am the owner and main photographer of www.THEPHOTO.se which is a photo-agency that specializes in Live and On-stage photography.

I've worked for several newspapers, press agencies, magazines, marketing agencies and TV production companies.

Heres is the link to my webpage where you can see some of my work in different areas: http://www.rivasruiz.com/

I consider myself a team player that always tries to achieve the best for the group.