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Richard Trovatten

ProgramMA Digital Management, 2012

Current OccupationAdvisor to the Danish Minister of Culture


Current LocationManchester, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Richard. I'm a Digital strategist, a HI master student and ex-founder of @Teoriogpraksis, a Copenhagen based media and design consulting firm.

I help clients understand their users, shape new technology and establish new business.

I’ve got two years experience running my own Copenhagen-based agency, and I've got international experiences doing projects across Europe, Russia and UK within the fields of media, education, design and organizational consultancy.

I've been incredibly fortunate to put my strategic experience to the test for some of the biggest brands out there including: Google, Unilever, BBC, Kraft, Comedy Central and The UK Post Office.

Currently I am studying full-time and dividing my efforts between Hyper Island in Manchester and Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow.

You can find my work and writings at

Specialties Strategy, Creative Problem-Solving, User Experience Design, Innovation, People Centered Transformation, Qualitative Research, Prototyping, Video Production and Cross-Platform Communication.

BBC bridge: rethinking BBC mobile in 8 days

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The BBC came to Hyper Island with a problem. With such a plethora of content, that aims to speak to every demographic and age group, how can they create a smooth and consistent experience for their users?

How might they use mobile as a navigation tool, making the transition between different content areas appear seamless and consistently BBC?

QUEUE HACKER - we're taking the queue out of the post office

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QUEUE HACKER was develloped through a three week creative problem solving course at the Digital Media Management master program of Hyper Island Manchester.

The brief is confidential but was delivered by Dare in corporation with The UK Post Office. The concept was graded distinction, and featured on

Developed by Paulo Yanaguizawa, Hanna Mejia Beaton, Leo Senra, Thomas John Clegg and I.

Special thanks to Laura Jordan Bambach, Andy Sandoz and Home Sweet Home.

SMARTmarket - everyday shopping tailored for you

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SMARTmarket is the digital layer to your everyday shopping, and supports you in optimizing the food-experiences you love. SMARTmarket brings you your favorite recipes and those of your friends on the fly, combined with a list-system that allows you to instantaneously add the ingredients to your smart lists while navigating the easiest and cheapest deals and routes across product brands and store branches.

SMARTmarket is developed by Alex Hunting, María Mayor, Erik Rodin, Isabella Pipitone and I.

The course and brief was designed by Mikael Ahlström. Special thanks to Paul McCaab, David Erixon, The Soup Kitchen and all our lovely co-student actors!