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Rebekka Quiroz Wiberg

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2013

Current OccupationInteractive designer & concept intern @ North Kingdom, STHLM


Current LocationStockholm

| INTERACTIVE DESIGNER & CONCEPT DEVELOPER | "Cyber space enthusiast. Design thinker. Interested in physical and analog beauty."

Today, my focus lies in exploring the beauty in data and it's relationship to humans. In a time where information is so accessible, it can tell stories in intriguing and memorable ways. I see myself in the future working with products or services that in the best scenario, helps people in their everyday life.


2013 - Awwwards Site of The Day - Art Code Copy

2013 - FWA Site of The Day - Art Code Copy

2013 - Cyber Cannes Lions - Art Code Copy

2012- The FWA Public Short List- Where is the light

Publications: 2012 - Sy/lla/ble: Hyper Island, Ted Valentin, Näringslivet

2012- Where is the light: Huston press, The FWA, Blog MTV awards, USA Today, Resumé, Merchworld, Movmentnews, Niteversions, Fubiz, Bangstyle

Re-banding project: MIO / UI Design and Poster

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Re-branding - digital

Created a rebrand of the Mio Energy campaign site. The site idea was to promote the energy drink Mio by allowing users to unlock a Steve Angello track by uploading Instagram images during a specific time span. The time was visualized by a ticking clock.

My role: Concept design and created the graphic design and the UX/UI design for the desktop platform. Created a print design from elements of the site's UI design.

Team: Tool of North America

Sundance Channel: Mamma's Day Card from Isabella Rossellini

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To create a Mother's Day card with the with the actress Isabella Rossellini, the client Sundance Channel and contacted us to created an HTML-5 gift card.

The site allows the user to choose a suitable "type" of mother, and send the corresponding video as an e-card. The animated animals representing a each type of character of a mother.

My role: Created the UX/UI design for the desktop and illustrations.

Producer: Chris Kaliszewski, Art Director: Matt Gase, Animation: Seth Benson, Development: Vincent Toscano, UI Designer: Rebekka Quiroz Wiberg

Google Art Ads: Art Copy & Code / Interactive film

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Art, Copy & Code, is a sixty-second film built out of code. The client Google Creative Labs wanted to showcase several experiments on what the future of advertising could look like under the name Advertising Re-imagined™. The film is completely dynamic. Scenes change based on the viewer’s location, local weather, and time of day. A live feed of the latest industry news from PSFK and Creativity Online is streamed to show what’s creating a buzz at that moment.

My role: Researched and curated the video clip database of inspiring work. Each piece was selected based on where in the film it would appear and swapped out with each viewing.

Team: Interactive Director: Ben Tricklebank, Producer: Kristen Koeller, CD: Michael Sevilla, UI Designer: Rebekka Quiroz Wiberg

The Amplifetes: Where is the light / Interactive music game

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Where Is Th​e Light - Interactive music video game for the Swedish band The Amplifetes

We created an campaign that with the aim to raise the brand awareness for The Amplifetes and get a fun and intriguing game experience for existing and non existing fans. Where Is The Light is an interactive music video game where you chase lights through hostile space terrain with The Amplifetes. By campaign's end, the player with the highest count of light beams will win a trip to the Kiruna Space Center on the Arctic Circle. The application was created for their forthcoming release "Where Is The Light".

My role: Design and concept the campaign concept. Creating the graphic design and the UX design with wireframes for the app and web platform. ​

Team: Lorentz & Quiroz - Producer: Alissa Lorentz, Art director: Rebekka Quiroz Wiberg. Motion: Jan Sommer, Web development: Johan Sandén, iOS development: Petter Samuelsen