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Rasmus Ottesen Stride

ProgrameCommerce Business, 2012

Current OccupationStudent - The Kaospilots


Current LocationBerlin Area, Germany

I am a multi-disciplinary creative consultant, change facilitator and problem-solver. Experienced failer - Expert celebrator!

I am built on real life experiences. No fake case studies and no dummy briefs. All real life, real people and real learnings: from starting a festival, tackling high-end creative briefs and low-profile clients to facilitating innovative workshops at the fastest growing company in Europa.

I strive to be the brave one and thrive as a creative. Doing new is how I grow; mastering multiple digital platforms and languages, wireframes and web design, logos, ads and print, project and client management, business strategy, workshop facilitation and conversion optimization: across industries and multiple disciplines.

Countless creative teams and thousands of post-it's: there are always more, bigger and bolder ideas around the corner.

I am an experienced failer and an expert celebrator.

Creative facilitator

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Co-facilitating a creative workshop for +100 CEO's.

The aim of the workshop was to help Avodan develop creative ideas and concepts in order for the organisation to tackle threats, represented by new and cheaper online/offline legal services.

HI + KP + LEGO hackathon

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HI+KP is a pioneer collaboration between Hyper Island Karlskrona, Hyper Island Stockholm and Kaospilot in Aarhus, bringing 40+ selected students together for a weekend hackathon.

At HI+KP the participants worked with the Innovation House – a department at LEGO in the forefront of technology and design that work to create the future of play. The full brief is confidential but evolved around how LEGO can bring digital to their physical products.