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Priya Ghai

ProgramMA Digital Management, 2012

Current OccupationStudent. MA Digital Media Management

NationalityUnited Kingdom

Current LocationLondon, United Kingdom

"Our lives are a string of experiences with people and things. The quality of those experiences determine the quality of our lives" Aral Balkan

I have just finished my Masters degree at Hyper Island, MA Digital Media Management course, being exposed to all things digital. My time at Hyper Island has left me with a sense of curiosity and wonder that i take with me in everything that i do.

I am a budding Creative Strategist and Facilitator. And all my excitement lies in using creativity to solve problems and finding that human truth which is the nugget that drives forward a campaign, idea or product. On top of this I have developed, practiced and love to facilitate learning and creative processes to help groups work together collaboratively to overcome tricky situations and grow together through honesty and trust.

After a brief stint in New York i am now back in London and currently on the look out for a new challenge so if you have any opportunities don't hesitate to contact me!