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Petter Andersson

ProgramMobile Creative, 2015

Current OccupationProduct Designer, BannerFlow


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

60% of the time, it works every time

Hello, I'm Petter

I'm a designer with a passion for UI/UX, typography and mobile products. I attended the Digital Media programme during 2009-11 and more recently the Mobile Creative programme between 2014-15. I'm now working as a Product Designer at BannerFlow.

A digital companion for travelling in the Scania region

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During the project Concept & Prototyping at Hyper Island we got the opportunity to focus on idea and concept development. Go deeper into detail how mobile technologies and services work in the bigger digital eco-system. Managing the process all from creating an idea, develop a concept, a prototype and to present a solution. From the public transport provider Skanetrafiken, we were given the task of looking at the experience of traveling in the Scania region of Sweden. Skanetrafiken provides 14 000 trips daily and have on average 250 000 travelers every day, via buses, trains and special transportation. Skanetrafiken wanted to improve the customer value and help to guide their users through their journey, 'simplicity' and 'time well spent' being key desired user values. The time span of the project was 8 weeks.

An intelligent music speaker

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Prototype and pitch for Absolut during the project Mobile Hardware at Hyper Island. The brief from Absolut was very open and basically gave us free hands to do anything that could be associated with the term 'Connected Nightlife'. The pitch was a 2 week project where we got to explore things like Arduino, LittleBits, Processing and IoT. My team, consisting of myself, Jonas Jerlström, Darryl Sterling East, Fiona Hutchison and Friðgeir Torfi Ásgeirsson, decided to create an intelligent speaker.

Using a computer connection instead of a mobile one, we created a prototype of our concept. A prototype consisting of a Bluetooth speaker and an Arduino board with connected motion, movement, sound and temperature sensors. Using the sensors, we were able to get a read on the amount of people, their movement, the noise level and the temperature in the room. With all these factors combined, the software could choose from playing certain Spotify playlists we had sorted by BPM.

A redesign concept of the iOS Notification Center

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For the project Mobile Design we were tasked with redesigning a feature or interaction pattern in any mobile product. The point of the project was to define a problem, come up with something better and to make our solution go viral. All in 4 weeks. My project team, consisting of myself, Jonas Jerlström and Friðgeir Torfi Ásgeirsson, chose the iOS Notifcation Center.

The result was a fully interactive prototype of our concept. It turned out better than any of us could initially imagine, very much due to an iterative and research based process during the project and the use of a powerful prototyping tool.

With a simple tweet and a blogpost introducing the concept, we got over 20 000 impressions on Twitter, 140 000 views on Vimeo and 450 points on reddit. We had our story covered by several tech blogs and news sites, including: TechnoBuffalo, CultOfMac, 9to5Mac, Gizmodo Japan, Yahoo Tech, Curved.de, MacLife.de, NPR, Popular Mechanics and The Tech Block.

A sports news application experience

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For the project Development 2 at Hyper Island we were given the task to create an interactive prototype of an application from real briefs, using web based development languages. My group got Swedish newspaper Expressen as our client and more specifically Expressen Sport, the newspaper's sport section. Expressen is one of Sweden's largest media houses, with over 2 million readers per day in different channels. Expressen wanted the app to in some way be a personal experience that adapts depending on the specific readers sport preferences. The project lasted a total of 7 weeks.

We delivered a concept for an application with suggestions for signature/core features and design elements. We also created a prototype of said concept and presented it to Expressen. The project and the concept of personalized news was well received and we got great feedback from the developers and product managers at Expressen.