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Per Lagerbäck

ProgramDigital Data Strategist, 2013

Current OccupationDigital Data Strategist student


Current LocationStockholm

"People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint." -Steve Jobs

Hello, I’m Per. I’m passionate about optimizing ideas and processes by using data. I like to think of myself as a dynamic doer, reliable resource and professional problem solver.

Business Analysis for Bonnier Digital/Dagens Industri

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We evaluated Dagens Industri's business objectives based on analysis and insights found in data. From this we identified challenges and opportunities and presented a number of ideas and strategic recommendations for the existing business models and revenue flows.

Hyper Island Journey

Medium hi journey

The Hyper Island Journey is an interactive infographic that illustrates the diversity of Hyper Island when it comes to student backgrounds, learning outcomes and the industry experience gained through internships and jobs.

As part of a collaboration with Hyper Island, we wanted to show how Hyper Island is not an elite school but a school that consists of students with a wide range of talents and backgrounds and that the ideal student isn´t someone with the perfect skillset but someone with the right mindset.

Digital Data, Real Change

The result of a 72 hour collaborative workshop lead by artist Stefanie Posavec; going beyond the screen, breaking the barrier between the viewer and the data, turning complex information into real life stories.

Analytics Analysis for Fyndiq

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As part of a client-facing module we did a Google Analytics audit and implementation (tracking code syntax, dashboards, custom filters and reports) along with data-driven strategies for Swedish e-commerce site Fyndiq.

Data Hack Fest

Our class threw a Data Hack Fest, saw 120 brains participate in the 8 hour hack – and close to 200 gathered for the mingle and showcase.

">Hyper Island Data Hack Fest

IRC ThinkIn

Together with the International Rescue Committee and idea shop gyro, Hyper Island gathered 447 students at the campuses in Stockholm and Karlskrona to create, discuss and work on ideas for how to inform the world about domestic violence in developing countries.

">Domestic Violence Think-In