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Pepe Borrás

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2013

Current OccupationInteractive Creative Director


Current LocationGreater New York City Area

Kommer inte att fungera!

I’m an Interactive Creative Director, specialized in digital media, design and communications. I have developed professional activities in New York, London, Stockholm and Valencia, working together with people from very different cultural and professional backgrounds.

Passionate about the use of technology for the defense of human rights, I have launched innovative advocacy projects such as Listen to Help –the world’s first global fundraising campaign on Spotify, which was shared even by Spotify’s founder, Daniel Ek–; and Meanwhile in Brazil –a visual newsfeed that contrasted daily on-pitch action with protests in the streets during the 2014 World Cup–. Both projects attracted the attention of the media around the world.

In 2012 I founded Workether, one of the first technology coworking space in Spain, where I hosted events for Mozilla, Wikimedia, Startup Weekend, Red Bull and Microsoft, amongst others.

Circumvention Tech Festival

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Work in collaboration with the Open Internet Tools Project of New York to design the first edition of the Circumvention Tech Festival.

The Circumvention Tech Festival, which was held in Valencia, Spain, in March 2015, overpassed the set goals, with participants from over 40 different countries and international media coverage of the event.

Listen to Help

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Listen To Help is a project which hopes to enable those who can hear to help the ones who can’t.

On Spotify, artists get paid every time someone plays one of their songs. So we’ve created a track for Sound Seekers, a charity dedicated to helping deaf and hearing-impaired people, especially children, in the developing world.

So all you have to do is listen to this track and maybe share it, so other people can listen too.


Credits Creative Team: Pepe Borrás & Anders Teigene. BBH Creative Director: Pablo Marques BBH Producer: Jeremy Gleeson BBH Creative Technologist: Luke Kidney

MeetAsheet - Experimental Interface Prototyping

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Introducing the Pushscreen.

Touch-screens are cold, rigid and without character, but every device is made out of them. Fabric, on the other hand, is a time-honored tradition of humankind, and its texturized surface it’s touch appealing.

The Meetasheet project explores the way we interact with digital systems, through the use of fabric screens.

We wanted to give the users the chance to experience a touch screen like they had never done before, by creating an elastic touchscreen.