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Pebbles Lim

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2012

Current OccupationAssociate Creative Director / Strategic Digital Creative


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

"Comfort zone is danger zone. Sooner you get out, sooner you live again."

[ Who are you? ] I am “Pebbles D. Lim”. Female. I feed on sound and light.

[ Where are you from? ] Singapore. Now in Stockholm.

[ What do you do? ] I create. I plan. I persuade.

[ Please elaborate. ] I create because I get bored easily. I plan because an idea without one is just day-dreaming. I persuade because it's fun to see people believing that I am right.

[ How do you function? ] I run on two systems. One is fast and intuitive; the other is deliberating and logical. Mercurial, sometimes rabid.

[ What are you looking for right now? ] A place that condones creative oddity and anomalous work process.

[ Where do you feel at home? ] A Mother spaceship. A Frankenstein factory. A Metropolis. A non-belonging.

[ And what can they get out of you? ] Not everything. But something. Much of each-something. And I think that's many things.

[ What do you think about our world? ] It's all but a beautiful lie.

100Watts - Future of Events

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synopsis// Association of Swedish Advertisers need a new vision to their annual advertising award. We bring their eyes to future of awards event should be. To forget that it's an event, but an experience.