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Paulo Yanaguizawa

ProgramMA Digital Management, 2012

Current OccupationDigital Marketing Manager @ Warner Bros. Pictures Brasil


Current LocationUnited Kingdom

Understand, challenge and change. Understand markets, challenge theories and change companies. Why not?

I believe in the power of brands and in how they impact consumers and society as a whole. My professional DNA is a blend of marketing, business management and branding. I've been developing my knowledge to be able to change businesses and bring strategies that lead to meaningful results.

Hyper Island came to change my attitude and to prepare myself to be a change agent.


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LUMEN is a platform that helps fashion brands to use real time data in order to create relevant conversations with their customers and improve their results.

Using tools to cross informations from different fonts, LUMEN gives to the brands a extremely accurate filter of trending topics and mentions of the brands within the internet.

Thinking about the professionals that are managing the social brands, we created a super friendly user experience based on colours and visual elements to facilitate the absorption of information. They can also track the impact of their actions in real time.

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The UK Post Office is working hard to keep its relevance within the current times. Based on research they discovered that half of the Great Britain public thinks that the P.O. is an effort to deal with. How to change that perception was the challenge brought by the agency Dare in a partnership with Hyper Island.

During our researches we found that the customers were “hacking” the queue system in the Post Office. Instead of going there and loose the time that they’re waiting in the line, they’re planning their journeys in a way to optimize the time. Some of them were bringing the lunch to eat while they’re waiting.

Based on that, we found that the solution was literally hacking the queue in order to give the customers the power of controlling their own time. They would not have to think about P.O. as an effort because they’d have the total control of the journey.

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PULSE is a new way of engage customers within out-of-home media. Using real time data, PULSE is a network of displays that track relevant information for specific locations and offer the best place and time for advertisers.

It's also interactive, providing infinite possibilities with the use of Bump Technology.

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