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Örjan Wirdheim

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2015

Current OccupationArt Director


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

It was a late dark night in the year of 1998, I was 13 years old, and just at that moment in time I sat devoured by the darkness of my childhood room chirping away on the keyboard of my computer. I was just about to finally publish my first homemade webpage, it had a black and yellow design (my two favourite colours at that time) and it was about my guppies and Leonardo DiCaprio (my two favourite conversational topics at that time). I was consumed by excitement and satisfaction, that moment in life has since then sticked with me as the first time I was able to reach out to other people and show them something I’ve done. It didn’t matter that I had to spend weeks learning to code HTML, because finally my ideas were there for everyone to see. Not that much has changed since then, I now study Interactive Art Direction at Hyper Island and I’m still very picky with my colours but I’m not that into guppies anymore.