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Ola Möller

ProgramDigital Media Creative, 2009

Current OccupationDesigner & Toolmaker


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden


Medium methodkithi

MethodKit is a stack of cards designed to help you define, develop & structure projects. More info on the site.

This Must Be The Place

The Place features 43 young contemporary artists from Sweden. The idea was to create a project where young people choose young people’s art instead of the classic “Old Curator – Young Artist-syndrome”. Our vision has been to create one alternative to an existing narrow needlehead (often old gallerists) where young artists have to pass to be published or exhibited.

Georgia Stories

Citizen Photojournalism Project. 34 Young Georgians tell stories about everyday life in Georgia, with photo and text. Instead of letting journalists depict young people and their lives.

The Photo Book about Sweden

Citizen Photojournalism Project which resulted in a book and exhibitions where 44 young photographer depicted Sweden, in a contrast to a Sweden which normally is depicted in a static and romantized way with red cottages, ABBA, midsummer, dark forests and blondes. Instead of letting journalists depict young people and their lives. We created a space where young people could take back their right to interpret their own reality. Depicting themselves and putting emphasis on the things that they felt was interesting or important. Book (avail. in 8 languages) & intl exhibition. Awarded best practice project 2009 by EU.