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Ohad Lustgarten

ProgramInteractive Art Director, 2015

Current OccupationIndustrial Designer,web,graphic,consultant. interactive are director, ui ux


Current LocationStockholm, Sweden

"God Is In The Details." "Everything is designed. Few things are designed well." "Good design is thorough down to the last detail."

I have been living and breathing design since I was a teenager, having worked as a product and event-related designer for several years before being accepted to studies at Shenkar.

My portfolio from Shenkar, as you can see online , referenced below, includes consumer products, components, and structural designs. My final project, a nature-inspired structure for outdoor consumer use, was praised both by my industrial design department, and by Shenkar's architecture faculty. I’m excellent at Solidworks, rhino and 3dmax and I’m also very good in modeling and doing mockups. One of my interests is to come up with new ways to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the materials and processes used to make consumer and industrial products. Sustainability and 'green design' are topics that that I work strongly for and that I wish to develop in future products. I see myself as an innovator and always thinking about ways to improve designs and my mind is always working on new

branding and business strategy

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intro: Our client is a bright interior designer that isn't familiar with the network world. she is lack of orientation in computers and have problem getting her designs out to the world. she also asked us to establish her brand. we came up with a new brand platform that includes a brand identity and a playbook that will explain to her how she should maneuver her brand in the network community in order to flourish. playbook - we felt that our customer will be able to release her new company brand with an aid of a book that will explain not only the brand identity but will also give her the steps by step to create and effective impact on the interior design community and on her potential customers. brand identity - color, font, voice, layout….. short term strategy - tumbler, pinterest……. long term strategy - associations, conference, lecturers……’’

Movement - Fleas Association

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In 2030 consumers will of possessing originality and uniqueness will have increased remarkably. With Fleas Association, designers and independent creators will be able to sell their objects without being a distributer. My idea is to create a movement that will establish and provide the opportunity for any creator, professional or newcomer, to sell his or her product, The idea is to create a platform for the creator to use as their personal popup showroom. The participants, attracted to the theme-based event through social media, show up at the announced area where they are able to observe the products and the oers available. Workshops and lectures connected to the theme, will be provided to improve the experience, knowledge and inspiration of the participants. Using Fleas Association own app, the potential consumer easily can see the product in their own home already on spot. Also the Intelligent truck concept open up for recycling.


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FOOD & MUSIC Can music be translated from something we hear into something we can taste? We believe so, and have decided to find out.

Through a combination of programming, design, and just the right amount of absurdity, we have developed a code that can convert music into flavors. More specifically, a code that translates music into different recipes for meatballs, allowing you -- for the first time in history -- to find out how ”Gangnam Style”, ”Bohemian Rhapsody” and ”Beat It” could taste.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Our taste experts behind Beatballs analyzed how various music attributes can be expressed through tastes, taking into consideration the social, cultural, and historical associations of both food and music. Each song’s unique blend of tempo, cadence, mood, and key, among other elements, defines the ingredients for a meatball that tastes like the song.

You normally cook to music, but with Beatballs, music tells you what to cook.

WWF world wild found - Global Expedition

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A research brought us to the conclusion that if a person relate to the message on an emotional level it gives a stronger impression. How might we trigger reactions from people so they feel empowered to get engaged? Our global Expedition is a campaign where you get an overview of what impact your contribution could actually do for your local area. The app is inspired by the Google Earth function. You can easily zoom in and out around the whole globe to find different WWF projects. When viewing a specific project you can see how the world looked before and what it will look like in the future with or without any donations, with the help of a timeline. In this way the user can get a perspective of what a donation can lead to. By pressing the donate button you can easily contribute by paying through swish or other options. In the paying process its pr-­‐set to share on the user’s Facebook and Twitter. The app gives the user notifications from the foundation,